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Lindsey Bomgren is a certified trainer and pre-and-postnatal fitness instructor. As a busy mom of 3 littles she's all about quick and effective home workouts that get results! Try an NML workout today and I bet you’ll come back for more tomorrow. All the workouts are free and a new 7-day workout plan lands in your inbox EVERY Sunday!

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All Standing Strength Workout💪

Hi Reader, We’re taking it back to the basics today with this NEW 10-Minute Standing Strength Workout!​ A quick, full body strength training session that is ALL STANDING and NO REPEATS🔥 GET THE WORKOUT You can also find this 10-Minute Dumbbell Workout on YouTube here!​ Improve Your Workouts I'm all about mobility training these days... from longer warm ups and cool downs in workouts, to dedicated mobility routines for sticky spots. Find my favorite mobility training workouts here👇 Mobility...
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17 days ago • 1 min read

Cardio Barre At Home🔥

Hi Reader, Back by popular request, we're kicking the week off with a barre workout! Your Monday #WOD is this NEW 30-Minute Cardio Barre🔥 Fun fact: we originally filmed this video in 2020 and shared it on YouTube, but it never made it to the blog… have you run across it before, or is it new to you?! GET THE WORKOUT You can also find this 30-Minute Cardio Barre Workout on YouTube here!​ Congratulations to our YouTube member, Morgan Weidemann (@morganweidemann4744), for winning a classic...
20 days ago • 1 min read

Want to lift heavier on leg day?

Hi Reader, Want to lift heavier weights and improve your squat form? Try today's NEW 5 Best Ankle Mobility Exercises!​ Weak, tight ankles are common – especially if you're a runner or do a lot of high-impact workouts. Improving your ankle mobility can improve your leg workouts (hello, squat form!), allowing for better range of motion and pain-free movement! GET THE WORKOUT You can also find this 5-Minute Ankle Mobility Routine on YouTube here!​ SPONSOR My Go-To Dinner I love an easy dinner...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

LIVE Halloween Workout Today🎃

Hi Reader, Keep up the great work crushing this week of workouts! You can join us LIVE at 9:30am CST for a 30-Minute Full Body Circuit Workout🎃 Following the plan? Your #WOD is this 30-Minute Upper Body Strength Workout💪 Option to replay today's live workout later in the week if you want an arm day today! LIVE WORKOUT TODAY JOIN LIVE HERE LENGTH: 30 Minutes EQUIPMENT: Medium-to-Heavy Dumbbells FITNESS LEVEL/PREGNANCY-FRIENDLY: Intermediate with modifications offered for ALL fitness...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

A very special workout for your Monday!

Hi Reader, We're kicking the week off with new workout that has a very special guest: NEW 40-Minute Full Body Circuit Workout!​ Our community member, Alyssa, has been doing NML workouts for years. We've been cheering her on as she has CRUSHED her goals (including a 120lb weight loss in two years!). We are so happy she was able to join us for a workout, and we hope you love this one as much as we do💪 GET THE WORKOUT You can also find this 40-Minute Full Body Circuit Workout on YouTube...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Short on time today?

Hi Reader, When I’m short on time, energy or motivation...THIS is the workout I do: NEW 15-Minute Workout: Full Body Strength (One Dumbbell)💪 GET THE WORKOUT You can also find this 15-Minute One Dumbbell Workout on YouTube here!​ Flared Leggings Rachel has been loving these flared leggings - and they're currently stocked in the We Made Too Much section in some fun colors for fall! Grab the Score How to Style Flared Leggings Love the flared leggings trend but don't know how to style them?...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

The most effective leg day🔥

Hi Reader, It's our favorite day of the week... LEG DAY! Get ready to knock out this NEW 25-Minute Dumbbell Leg Workout (Compound Exercises)🔥 This workout is full of my favorite compound exercises that work every muscle in the lower body. Grab your heavy weights and get it done! GET THE WORKOUT You can also find this 25-Minute Dumbbell Leg Workout on YouTube here!​ Get Early Access! YouTube members get early access to a NEW 25-Minute Full Body Supersets Workout! (If you're knocking out legs...
about 1 month ago • 1 min read

Start the day off right☀️

Hi Reader, Warm up stiff joints and boost your energy with this NEW 10-Minute Morning Workout!​ This is my go-to workout when I'm tired and sore or need to move a little bit, but don't want a full strength and HIIT workout. GET THE WORKOUT You can also find this 10-Minute Morning Workout on YouTube here!​ Best Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair No time to shower post-workout? Make your morning routine even easier with a review of the best dry shampoos from my friend, Jen, over at Paisley &...
about 2 months ago • 1 min read

NEW workout format today🔥

Hi Reader, Earlier this month, we tried a NEW format in a members-only live workout.... it was a favorite, so we're bringing it back TODAY! Join us live today at 9:30am CST for a 30-Minute Full Body Progressions Workout! This workout combines strength + power for a total body burn🔥 LIVE WORKOUT TODAY at 9:30am CST Brought to you in partnership with lululemon​ JOIN LIVE HERE Special thanks to lululemon for making this LIVE workout free and accessible to all! LENGTH: 30 Minutes EQUIPMENT:...
about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Functional training for your core🔥

Hi Reader, Build strong obliques with this NEW 10-Minute Oblique Workout🔥 The obliques are SO important for all types of rotational movement and twisting - and strengthening the obliques is one of the best ways to increase overall core stability. Add today's new workout onto this 5-Minute Daily Mobility for an active recovery day. GET THE WORKOUT You can also find this 10-Minute Oblique Workout on YouTube here!​ Favorite Nontoxic Cleaner When it comes to nontoxic cleaners, I love Branch...
about 2 months ago • 1 min read
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